Monday, July 26, 2010

I wonder...

Yesterday Jess and I did an "I Wonder" segment at work (Whole Foods) on being vegan! So if you are here because you got the awesomely informative paper Jess made up, welcome :) It is posted below. An "I Wonder" segment is basically a short information session about various topics and customers and team members are invited to attend if they are WONDERing about said topic. Our goal was to share with people information about the vegan diet; including benefits, protein sources, and subsitutions for meat and those that can be used in baking. We had high hopes that lots of customers would attend, but unfortunately, none could make it. However, five of our lovely team members did join us. They seemed genuinely interested in what we had to say and overall it went very well! Hopefully they will be able to pass along their new-found knowledge to their customers in the future!

We had some samples of vegan chocolate cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies out which peaked some customer's interest as they were walking by. This was to be expected, because customers flock to free food/samples like bees on honey. However, as soon as we invited them to join our little session, they turned up their nose as soon as they heard it was about veganism. That is one thing that truely irks me. As soon as a person hears something is vegan, a look of disgust immediately emerges on their face and they assume that it's going to taste bad. I cannot tell you how many times this has happened! NEWFLASH: "vegan" does not equal gross! One of my goals is to prove skeptics and naysayers tasty vegan bite at a time!

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